According to a blog post, there is a new tool by Facebook is being tested that gives users the ability t transfer photos and videos between Facebook and other platforms. Initially, the test is rolling out with support for Google Photos. In the coming months, we will see other platforms being included.

This is a part of the Data Transfer Project, which is a joint initiative between the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft with the goal of making it easier to transfer data between online services.

Facebook is making an effort to allow users to have more data portability, but brands can also benefit from this change. For social marketers, this tool will be quite the convince since it’ll give them the ability to bulk transfer media instead of having to manually saving and re-uploading assets bit by bit.

Smaller businesses can use Facebook Photos as a media storage hub, and these teams will be able to take advantage of the tool to cut down on time and effort it takes to move assets between one platform and another. The bulk transfer tool could provide a user-friendly way to organize and archive media between channels with less time and effort.

SourceTaylor Peterson