Facebook Unveils Vision For Immersive Mobile Ads

Facebook 76536 1280 With as big as mobile is these days, it’s not surprising that Facebook is working on the next generation of mobile ads.

There are already mockups that Facebook has shown of an immersive ad product to marketing industry executives this week at the Cannes Lions advertising festival in the south of France.  Keep in mind that at this point, this is merely a work in progress.  This is what Facebook’s chief product offers, Chris Cox, said during a presentation on the Cannes stage on Tuesday.  He was merely showing off what mobile ads could look like on Facebook down the road.  The idea behind showing off the work in progress is so Facebook can get feed back from industry reps.  These reps are the same people that Facebook is hoping will be purchasing these ads in the future.

With these new ads, Facebook’s vision is to have them open full screen, giving people the ability to manipulate the content, such as photos, videos, GIFs, and even 360 degree views of the product.

Cox explained during his keynote presentation:

“Rather than looking at an image of a watch, or a video, you’re encouraged to pick it up and look around it, because it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry, the kind of thing you want to turn around in your hands.”

This is the demo video that Cox shod during the keynote:

Most of the revenue that Facebook gets depend heavily on mobile advertising – 73% came from mobile ads in the most recent quarter.  With 1.25 billion mobile active users, approximately 500 million  of them only access Facebook on mobile devices.  At this point, the audience is there, and it’s still growing.

“We’re trying to give marketers a canvas that’s more engaging,” Cox told the Wall Street Journal.

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