Facebook Updates Ads Manager For SMBs

Recently, Facebook launched its “Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found” initiative, which is meant to help SMBs personalize ads. The goal behind this initiative is help make social media marketing more accessible to local business owners, mainly due to the pandemic.

The updates that this initiative has for SMBs includes:

  • A simplified Ads Manager so SMBs can understand campaign performance and make optimizations faster
  • Waived fees for businesses selling with Checkout on Shops through June 2021 and waived fees for paid online events until at least August 2021
  • New options to note what type of dining experiences are available at restaurants
  • A new menu tab for restaurants on Pages so businesses can upload their menu directly to their Page
  • An updated Business Resource hub on Facebook and Professional Dashboard on Instagram with more information on how personalized ads work

Source – Search Engine Land