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Website promotions is a key element to SEO and marketing. Putting ads about your brand out there will help increase your chances of being seen, and finding new ways to do so are always helpful.

Facebook is trying to do just that with their WhatsApp app, a little-known messaging app in the US. Despite the fact it’s not widely used in the US, WhatsApp is easily one of the most popular messaging services in the world.

It seems that Facebook wants to turn WhatsApp into something that is meant for both personal and business use. The social media company wants WhatsApp to have more promotional tools for brands. The purpose behind this is to raise awareness of their connection options through message.

Since there aren’t any ads in WhatsApp, Facebook wants to provide a new option for businesses on WhatsApp. This option will let users create Facebook promotion from within the WhatsApp business tool. These promotions will then link back to WhatsApp, taking advantage of both platforms.

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