It was over a year ago when Facebook said that it would be changing how it would count organic reach for Pages’ posts to only include viewable impressions.  But the adjustment hasn’t been made yet.

Facebook is expecting to institute the new methodology in early 2018, according to a Facebook spokesperson.  This methodology will only count organic reach when a Page’s post ap, the company said that the change would take effect “in the coming months.”  But, according to the spokesperson, the solution took longer than expected to build.

It may be a surprise to some brands and other Page owners that Facebook has yet to switch to viewable-only organic reach counts, as many may have assumed that Facebook had already adopted the viewability standard.  Although it isn’t done yet, Facebook, said that it would alert Pages once the change was actually implemented.

It could have been a bit of a surprise when Page owners didn’t see the 20 percent drop in organic reach that Facebook advised them to anticipate after the fix was to be enacted. but, at this point, any level of organic reach may surprise Page owners, seeings how Facebook’s continued algorithm changes that make organic reach more difficult to come by

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