Facebook Will Let Users Hide Ads Targeted Via Custom Audience Lists

A new feature was quietly announced by Facebook that is coming out later this month which will let users control whether or not an advertiser can show ads to them using a Custom Audience list.

“People have always been able to hide all ads from a specific advertiser in their Ad Preferences or directly in an ad. But now they will be able to stop seeing ads based on an advertiser’s Custom Audience from a list,” Facebook wrote the corporate blog.

We know that Custom Audiences can be comprised of the best and most active company’s users and customers. If you can’t show ads to a critical mass of those users, it could really hurt campaign performance. At the same time, this could be a net positive for advertisers as well as users, as if users have the ability to opt-out, marketers have an even greater incentive to think carefully about the relationships the have with the customers on their lists and the messaging they are serving them.

In the last year, Facebook has made several changes to how Custom Audience lists are managed, included the latest update, which is a more proactive feature – moving beyond just giving users information on why they are being targeted and letting them control whether or not they see the ad.

The announcement was included in news related to allowing users to hide political ads, but the soon-to-be released feature applies to all campaigns using Custom Audiences.

SourceAmy Gesenhues

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