facebookIt seems that there’s a never ending amount of thoughts and opinions on Facebook.  Good or bad, we all know that these opinions are never going to end, so long as Facebook is around.  Facebook is always making changes to it’s news feed, and it seems that they started to story bump.  It seems like the idea behind the changes isn’t a bad thing, sometimes, it’s about HOW it’s done.

 is one of those individuals who says that he has a problem with how Facebook is doing it.  It’s not what they’re trying to do is the issue, it’s the story bumping in the current form.  This is why he’s written a post for Marketing Land called Facebook’s Flawed News Bumping and the Rebirth of Bad Content.

To read more abut Aaron’s piece on what he thinks of some of the new things Facebook is trying to do, check out by following the link below: