Facebook’s Sports Stadium Is No Threat Yet To Twitter’s Live Event Dominance

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Zune-hd-facebook-twitter-featuredWhen it comes to live events, Twitter is usually where people go to live post their experiences and have live conversations with others during live events.  But it looks like Facebook is trying to push Twitter out of that spot.  But, as Super Bowl 50 has come and gone, Facebook just proves that they have quite a ways to go before they can be considered on the same level as Twitter.

Last month, Facebook launched Sports Stadium, which is a live experience , real-time hub that allows users to connect to each other while talking about live events on Facebook.  It looks like the main purpose of this live experience is to show consumers, brands, celebrities and the like, that real-time conversation happens on Facebook, and not just on Twitter.

How did Facebook try capturing the Super Bowl conversation in real time during the big game?   What is Play-by-Play?  What were the trend comparisons between Facebook and Twitter?

To get an answer to these questions, check out a post on Marketing Land, and written by Matt McGee that talks about the “live” updates on Facebook, and how they were found lacking, especially compared to Twitter’s live conversations.

Marketing Land: Facebook’s Sports Stadium Is No Threat Yet To Twitter’s Live Event Dominance

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