Find Anomalies In Your Campaign Spending With This Google Ads Script

I’m sure everybody has had campaigns spend a little more money than they expected, and you didn’t known until a while later.  Having your campaign underspend or overspend is never fun, but even PPC experts aren’t infallible.  If there is a change or an issue that comes up, I think we all would like to see a warning about it sooner rather than later.

There is a script that was written that will let you check for unusual behavior in your account by finding changes in spending. It takes the average spend of individual campaigns during a selected time period and compares it to the spend on the day the script runs. If the spend on the current day is higher than it was by a specified percentage, it will send out an alert email.

There are several ways to modify the script to match your needs.

As an example, you can tell the script what percentage change threshold should be met so an email alert is sent. This way, you’ll know when there’s an increase or decrease in spending.  You can then choose the number of days the script covers to create an average of historic spend (the default time period is a week). You can pick the time of day when the script starts gathering data to alert you, and you can set a minimum value to avoid being warned about small changes in campaigns that are historically low-spending.

Let’s get started and see how this works.

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