Google PartnersIn this episode of Google Developers, here is what we will learn about:

New fingerprint and payments APIs are introduced in M, to enable enhanced UX and security for online purchasing, banking, and retail payments.1. Fingerprint Manager API – allows apps to authenticate a user using his fingerprint, when one is available, and receive an Authentication Callback from the sensor once a finger has been detected. The API provides the app full control on the user experience and the UI2. Confirm Device Credential API – allows apps to create a hardware bound cryptographic objects and tie those to lock screen. It allows the app to define a policy to access those keys (“e.g., did user unlock in the last 10 minutes”), and sync those timeout across the system. The two APIs provide apps both convenience and security, and it is up to the app to decide which solution fits him best. To try the APIs please download Android M preview release.