First Half Online Ad Revs $20 Billion: Search Biggest, Mobile Fastest Growing

Global search icon Recently released by the IAB was Q2 and first half 2013 online and mobile ad revenue figures.  According to the numbers, the total amount of digital revenue in the US was just under $20.1 billion, which is up from $17 billion from last year.  Not shockingly, mobile represented 15 percent of the total.

Compared to last year, search revenues went up 7% in real dollars ($8.7 billion).  Even though search revenue went up, it went down as a percentage of total revenue.  In the first half of this year, search revenue represented 43% of digital revenue, compared to 48% last year.

The strongest ad category was search.  However “decline in its overall share is attributed to growth in Mobile and Mobile Search, which is included in the Mobile category,” explained the IAB.

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