PPC and advertising concept in word tag cloudWhen you’re working in the SEO field, out of all the different things to do, there are those who feel PPC in overall online marketing strategy is easily discountable.  This is because with other forms of online marketing, if they succeed, a number of things will happen:

  • Improved search engine optimization
  • Content increase backlinks
  • Usability increases conversion rate
  • Search traffic becomes more profitable
  • Social media and email marketing will increase overall user engagement

But, if PPC succeeds, you realize that it wasn’t your efforts as an SEO that sent visitors to your site, it was you paying Google to do it.  That can make you feel like a bit of a failure.

Of course, when trying to optimize for search engines, the competition can be fierce.  This is why, despite any trepidation you may have for PPC, you need to realize that PPC can garner a larger chunk of real estate for your brand on the results page.  Either why, if you don’t use PPC, others will and take that amount of traffic away from you.

So what should you do?  Should you use PPC or not?  Hopefully,  will be able to give you enough reason to jump onto the bandwagon with all other PPC users with an article she’s written on Search Engine Land that lists reasons to work on PPC in 2015.  Check it out below!

Search Engine Land: Five Great Reasons To Do PPC In 2015