Five Major Elements For Your Content To Go Viral

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When writing for your blog, Facebook and Twitter feeds, personal or professional websites, what is the one thing that you want above all else for your content?  To go viral.  Most people go mad when trying to figure out how to get your content to spread like wildfire among the masses.  Naturally, it’s going to take a little more than posting something cute, like kitten and puppy photos and videos to get people to spread what you write.

Several months back, Buffer did research on what it takes to have content go viral.  They analyzed an article that got over 500,000 likes, and then took it up with the authors of the article about how they managed to pull it off.  Since then, the people at Social Media Explorer have taken the information and turned it into an infographic that makes the insights easier to understand.

In essence, there are five key elements that every content piece written should have to go viral:


As another point that you could take, here is more information on how you can write great headlines for Twitter and Facebook.  This will be another really great factor of how your content will perform and spread.

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