We are sitting at the cusp of a new year, waving a solemn goodbye to 2016, and it’s this time that we have the right to look back and reflect on things.  As wee look back at 2016, we see how big of a year it was for the Google Display Network.  The Google Display Network had launched responsive ads back in July.  September saw the announcement of cross-device remarketing, display store visits and display location extensions.

A lot of questions are swimming around on these new features, and in order to get things off on the right foot for 2017,  decided to dedicate a ful Q&A to answer the top five questions that he’s gotten from people in the industry.

In his Q&A, Matt, answers the following questions:

  1. How do I set up cross-device remarketing? How will this impact my conversion rates and performance?
  2. Do I need to change my GDN remarketing strategy to account for cross-device targeting?
  3. How do I know if my responsive ads perform better than my standard display ads?
  4. Can I limit where my display location extension ads show to people near my store?
  5. I want to better understand whether display store visits are real or estimated. For example, are you extrapolating conversions or using actual conversions from signed-in users?