Flight And Hotel Search Features Get Added To Google Search Due To COVID-19

Around the world, more and more countries are beginning to open up, and because of that, more people are gearing up to travel for the summer. Because of that, Google has finally launched new flight search and travel search features that will help out those folks who choose to do a bit of traveling during this time.

According to Google, these updates were added since COVID-19 has had such a big impact. As such, it’s important to make sure that we stay up to date on travel information for where we decide to travel to.

When searching for information for things like flights and hotels on Google, there are COVID-19 travel advisory or restrictions, as well as the newly released driving alerts that will give you notifications about checkpoints and restrictions along your rout in Google Maps.

Google is displaying “travel trends” and “travel advisory” notices in certain regions that people are doing searches on. When doing a hotel search as an example, you will get the percentage of hotels with availability in that region, as well as the percentage of flights that are operating to that destination.

With this update, people can search for hotels that offer free cancellations quickly.

Source – Search Engine Land and Google

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