About a week ago, news came to us from Moz.com about the partnership between Followerwonk and Buffer to help optimize your tweeting. The question behind this coupling is, why partner up to begin with?
Here is the answer. Tweets have a half-life of only 18 minutes. Once this time has lapsed, the tweets ability to bring in social media views, potential customers and business are pretty much gone.


It’s unfortunate, but like with anything, it’s easy enough to start out strong tweeting, but after a while, it can get more and more difficult to think of enough good content day after day. Even if you had unlimited amounts of content, you can risk potentially undermining your tweet performance.


The big question is, how can you maximally schedule your tweets to perform well? Just as with scheduling ads in Google Adwords, you’ll want to schedule your tweets for maximum viewing. This means you need to schedule them during the time of day and time of week to when you know your Twitter audience is most active.

Here’s where the relationship between Followerwonk and Buffer comes in.

You can go to Followerwonk and complete an Analysis of your followers. Afterwards, you’ll be presented with a chart of their most active hours on Twitter. The information that is given can be incredibly useful. You can now take advantage of the data that is given with the Buffer button that is integrated into Followerwonk.


By clicking this new button, it will create a schedule on Buffer with as many times as you specify. You’ll see a schedule on Buffer that looks like this:


Based on the times that is specified, a weighted, random distribution of tweets is divvied up through Buffer. There is a Buffer Chrome extension available to install as well.