google-thumbYesterday, December 23rd, was the fictional holiday invented by the Seinfeld television series, Festivus, a day where you air out your grievances, then putting up the Festivus pole.  During that day, Google provided to everybody their very own Festivus pole.


When I first did a search for Festivus on Google, I did see the pole on the left side of the search results, but I thought there was an issue with Google, but then it clicked, it was the Festivus pole.  When you go all the way down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see that there is a little stand.

Festius Stand

Although I missed Festivus yesterday, if you had been one of the users to visit Google and do a search for the ‘holiday,’ you would have seen a big date in an Answer Box, with “Festivus 2015” in smaller text right below it.



Festivus Date 1

Right above the box with the date, you’ll see that it says “A festivus miracle,” right next to the search count.

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