What Are Some Four Key Holiday Paid Search Trends To Keep An Eye On?

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When it comes to the holiday,s there are a lot of different data points that advertisers can look at to see how paid search is performing throughout this important shopping period. Depending on the business goals, as well as the types of products being sold, which of those data points are most important for a particular site can vary widely from one brand to the next.

With that in mind,  there are some overarching trends that apply to a number of advertisers, all of which help to set the stage for performance expectations over the coming weeks.  There is an article written by Andy Taylor where he outlines four interesting paid search trends he’ll be keeping an eye on.  This data can help predict trends in the e-commerce and retail space this holiday season.  It’s imperative that advertisers take notes during this time of year!

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Source – Andy Taylor

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