stand-outSo you are running a business I see.  That’s great!  If you’re successful, that’s great to hear.  But perhaps you’re not doing as great as you’d love to be doing because there are so many other businesses out there who are offering the exact same services and products that you are.  Living in a sea of of other franchisees that are doing the exact same thing that you are can be a cause for concern.  Local marketing is an important thing for a franchise, but because of the multitude of businesses that are in the same vein as you, getting your brand out there to the masses can be difficult.

But, even with this news, it is still possible to make a name for yourself depending on the situation.  Plus, there are multiple possible solutions to this issue.  With some planning and hard work, it’s possible to launch SEM and SEO campaigns for franchise owners.    With time and some collaboration, you can successfully draw yourself away from the sea of similar businesses and make yourself stand out.  But how do you do it?

 took a look at the issue and was able to help a particular franchise organization with the same problem, and is willing to help us.  Check out her post on Search  Engine Land by following the link below!

Search Engine Land: The Franchise Challenge: How Do You Stand Out When You’re One Of Many?