Google AdWordsIt seems that there are those two groups of people in the agency world.  There are small agencies and large agencies.  In a focus group that was conducted for Google, which was moderated by , two groups were created, one full of small agencies, and the other full of large agencies.  So what was the major difference between the two groups?

The Willingness to share best practices.

According to Frederick’s post on Search Engine Land, it seemed that with the small agencies, they were definitely more reluctant to share information with each other.  After all, when you’re a small agency, naturally, you’ll want to keep all of your “trade secrets”, well, secret.  You don’t want to give anybody else an edge.

With the larger agency group, it’s evident that they are more confident in their ability, as they were more successful.  Success allowed them to become the larger agency that they are.  Because of this, they were way more willing to share what made them successful with others.  After all, they thought that what they were sharing now would be old new after a while.

  1. So what did Frederick learn in 2014?  Here’s a quick list:
  2. Automation fosters creativity
  3. Sparse data is no roadblock to quantitative account management
  4. Shopping ads are a different beast
  5. Don’t ignore the power of your brand
  6. Manage expectations

Luckily, Frederick provides much more detail than a simple list like what I just showed you.  Please head over to his Search Engine Land post for more explanation and detail on each bullet point above!

Search Engine Land: What I Learned In AdWords Can Help You