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Seo-toolsHave you wondered what sort of tools are used in other people’s SEO tool collection?  There are so many tools out there, you might be hard pressed to find a two people with the same ones.  Even if they end up doing the same thing, they are called something different, and each may have slightly different features the other one doesn’t.

So what SEO tools should you get?  I don’t thing there will every be a straight answer.  It all depends on what you want, and who you ask.  It’s all a matter of personal preference.

Miriam Ellis has decided to show us what is under the hood of her personal local SEO tool kit with a post written for Moz.  Keep in mind that all of the tools she shows us is free to download and use for  your own personal use.

If you’re interested in what Miriam has to show everybody, follow the link below and check out those tools!

Free Local SEO Tools

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