google-shoppingThere comes a day when all of the barely used features online must eventually come to an end.  This is the case with promotion text in Google.  The company has announced that the promotional text in Google Shopping product listing ads (PLAs) will be retired at the end of September.  In place of this will be new automated extensions.

With these new extensions, free shipping or price drop in PLAS will be dynamically highlighted  by pulling from data included in advertisers’ Merchant Center settings and product feeds.  Based on the testing that Google has done, there has been better click-through rates on ads with automated extensions than on those that utilized promotional text.


At this point, isn’t not totally clear how price drop information is going to be displayed once the extensions take over, or if there will be variations of “Great price,”Value Alert” and “Percent Off”.

As far as the ads that you’re using now that utilized promotional text, don’t worry, there isn’t anything that you need to do, as the promotional text will be the only part of the ad that is going away.  Everything else will still remain in the tool box.

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