in-game-marketingAdvertising is an important part of online marketing.  Well, that’s actually quite an understatement.  Advertising IS marketing.  There are many different ways you can go about getting your ads out to those online.  But, how many thought of advertising with games?  From a marketing perspective, this is a fantastic way to get the word out about what it is that you’re selling.

In an article written by , she shared the fact that the number of gamers worldwide is expected to surpass 1.2 billion by the end of this year.  $86.1 billion is the total estimated amount made by the gaming industry by the year 2016.  If you think that’s good, then you’d be right.  There’s plenty of opportunity to advertise and get your product and services out there.

In Liane’s article, she talks about in-game advertising and how beneficial it is to marketers.  To read up on the full piece, check it out by following the link to the Marketing Land article: