Have you ever typed a word into a search box only to receive websites for which you were totally not looking for? Turns out, when you do a search, you really have to be careful what you actually type. If you just plug in any random word the results can be pretty amusing.

Since anything amusing is one of my favorite things, I decided that I shall type in some common words into a search box and see what kind of crazy things I get. Yay! While planning on only spending a little time on this post. I had so much fun, I felt compelled to spend hours being amused by this!

So here are the results:

I typed in the word hair (pretty common word right?) The most popular question asked about hair was “Does Tim Mcgraw have hair?” Ha! And, this question was typed in the search engine 1,334 times in the last year! I guess people really want to know if Tim McGraw has hair. Here is another one about hair that I found amusing. “Even my nose hair is white” was typed into a search engine 74 times. What does that even mean? Is that a question, and what website are you looking for when you type that in? And some others that needed mentioning. How long do drugs stay in your hair (71 times), and my personal favorite “my fiance is getting his hair braided by his ex baby mama” (a whopping 41 times) Really? How often does that happen?

Here are the results for crazy. This is the word I thought of after seeing the results of the word hair. #1 “The Gods must be crazy” 104 times (I say people are crazy!). “God is great beer is good and people are crazy” (26 times) and another one of my favorites “help my husband has gone batsh*t crazy” (only 5 times, and I may have been one of them, Ha!)

And the last one I will do for now is breakfast. #1 is “what do Japanese people eat for breakfast” (724 times), “What does Justin Beiber eat for breakfast” (20 times) You know you want to know! And my personal favorite, of course “did you eat a bowl of stupid for breakfast” (5 times) I ask this daily about people, I think it should have been searched much more.

So, the moral of the story is, be careful what word you type in when you do a search. I also typed in the words bed and dog and the results were scary! I can’t believe what questions people ask in a keyword search! I will have to do this again since I was so amused by the results. I got a pretty good laugh out of a few of them and I hope you do too!