The Future of Search: Search IS The Future

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The future of searchCan you remember the days of old when it comes to search?  Many of us can remember the stone age style of search where basic keyword searches were the thing.  But look at where we are at now.  With the invention of the ever changing search algorithms, we’ve moved from this basic keyword style search to natural language processing.  There sure has been huge steps taken in search since then.

These leaps and bounds have really helped search engines understand what people are wanting to search for.  These newer search algorithms allow users to be able to search for the content they want easier than ever before.  Hortense Soulier has written a YouMoz post on the future of search.  But, what IS the future of search you may ask?  Well, by looking at the title, you can probably guess it.  The future of search IS search.

Hortense believes that in order to stay ahead of the curve, we have to understand where search is going.  In her post, Hortense discusses points such as the growing semantic web, how search habits are changing, being able to predict what users want, and more in her post.  This one is choke full of stuff to read.

To check out her full post, you can follow the link below to check it out now.

YouMoz Blog – The Future of Search: Search IS The Future

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