Recently, we saw some recent updates that are included in Google’s Search App, such as new Now cards and the “flip a coin” feature, but now there is an Easter Egg that was created specifically for the fans of Game of Thrones.

If you say, “Ok Google, Hodor”, or you tap the Search App microphone icon before pronouncing “Hodor”, you will get a direct answer box that is filled with the “Game of Thrones” character’s most often repeated line…his own name.


As a person who isn’t a fan of Game of Thrones, nor have I ever seen a single episode of the show, I soon found out that (after seeing memes on Google and posts making Hodor jokes) Hodor is a character whose only spoken lines is the stating of his own name.

As an addition to the Easter Egg fun (although this next bit really isn’t part of the Easter Egg itself), George Martin, who authors the Game of Thrones books, used his character’s signature line to have a little fun with his fans in the following Tweet.


What’s even more fun is that if you type in Hodor in the Google web search box, you’ll get a similar answer box filed with Hodors.

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