Gartner’s Andrew Frank: Third-Party Validation Of Brands, Content Is Coming

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In five years, a video play is going to show some sort of indicator, such as  star, that validates the brand video as genuine by a third-party decentralized service.

Andrew Frank, Gartner VP/Distinguished Analyst, has predicted that this will happen.  Frank is delving into the topic of “How GDPR, privacy, identity and blockchain are shaping the next wave in martech evolution” at the MarTech Conference next month in Boston.

According to an interview, Frank pointed to Truepic and Prover as two blockchain-based companies that are currently offering authentication of photos and video, including user-generated content.

He sees blockchain as a key part of the solution to the “crisis of trust, in its early stages, [that is now] sweeping the world.” That crisis is taking many forms, such as brands’ concern that their programmatically-delivered video ad will end up in, say, an Isis recruiting video.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

Source – Barry Levine

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