Google has updated its Gboard again this year, and this time, they added new emoji search features, phrase suggestions and multiple search results for Android users.

If a user is able to draw recognizable figures on their phones, they are able to search for an emoji by drawing it directly on their screen.  According to Google, your drawing will “automatically be recognized” and offer up relevant emoji options.

Not only that, the Android Gboard has added phrase suggestions, which anticipates what you’re about to type.  According to Google, its phrase suggestions feature is being rolled out in English today, but will come out to other languages soon.

This version of Gboard even includes new multiple search results.

“When you’re searching in the keyboard, we’ll now offer multiple results for you to browse through, making it easier to search and share in any app,” writes Google product manager Reena Lee. “In addition, on a card, you can click through to go to Maps, call a business, or watch a YouTube video.”

This is the fifth Gboard update covered this year — the second update for the Android version. In March, Gboard for android got suggestions for emojis and GIFs, and even a Google Translate option.

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