On August 4th, Google announced the first large update to their iOS keyboard, Gboard, since its initial launch  on May 12.

With the update, users will see international and language support, smart GIF suggestions and a way to customize the keyboard look and feel.

One of the cool features of Gboard is the GIF feature, and it’s been improved.  Google offers you quick access to GIFs based on your last message sent.  The keyboard immediately shows you and option to search for GIFs after you hit send.

Check out the animated GIF below!


Another feature, that’s been added is the expanded international support.  Previously, Gboard had worked in US, Europe, Canada and Australia.  But as of the 4th of August, that roster has been expanded to French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal) and Spanish (Spain).  The keyboard will automatically default to your device language, but if your phone uses a different language, Gboard will default to US English.  You can also change the language in you Gboard settings.

Another settings feature found was a new way to customize your Gboard keyboards.  Google added a dark keyboard, but is allowing users to personalize your keyboard with your own photos.  Here is a shot of how a personalized Gboard keyboard looks.


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