What’s going on with Google Developers?  Well you’re in luck.  A new update on December 9 on YouTube has come out, hosted by Google Developers Live.  Google Compute Engine has been introduced to the world this week, and Universal Analytics is also discussed.  Finally, GDL also brings up Google Wallet objects.

There’s quite a bit to check out here, so let’s check out what they have to say!

GCE: General Availability http://goo.gl/DSUDp7
GCE: Ten Minute Test Drive http://goo.gl/l05Sel
Google Analytics: Behind the Code http://goo.gl/BRnxt3
Google Wallet Objects http://goo.gl/pm2PTv
Maps Live: Map Padding with the Google Maps SDK for iOShttp://goo.gl/DdUu5R
GDL Italia – HTML5 Custom Elements http://goo.gl/QHX17v
YouTube Developers Live GDE Show http://goo.gl/jAgKd3
Making the web faster with HTTP 2.0 http://goo.gl/5eZhj3
Chrome DevTools for Mobile: Screencast and Emulationhttp://goo.gl/EP65Xr