GDL Weekly with Louis Gray for November 18, 2013

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Root Access (1) http://goo.gl/iqJr4T

YouTube Developers Live http://goo.gl/wlSu47
Portable Native Client http://goo.gl/Qh5Qzu
Mapping Big Data with Google’s Cloud Platform http://goo.gl/sl5HjJ
What In the World http://goo.gl/MDsV7c
Wallet Objects API http://goo.gl/Kuidfs
Google Compute Engine API http://goo.gl/rb0xG3
Google Developers Hackademy http://goo.gl/GHfMnF
Announcing Dart 1.0 http://goo.gl/XKo3GI
Open attachments with your web app directly from Gmailhttp://goo.gl/hfi7hG

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