In some situations, it’s not the first hit that gets you, it’s the second and third one that knocks you down.

This is the same thing with Unintended Consequences.  Given its complexity and scope, more than likely, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will probably have plenty of those.

To sketch out the range of possibilities that haven’t been in the top predictions, the folks at Marketing Land have collected thoughts from a wide range of practitioners:

  • After years of trending toward faceless activities, SAP Ariba CMO Tifenn Dano Kwan told me, GDPR may ironically provide “an opportunity to put a face back on marketing and make it human and personal again.” While GDPR may limit “the personal data we can collect using format digital channels,” it may also open up new forms of personal connections. This could mean, for instance, marketers attending more sales meetings, hosting more networking events or conducting more in-person seminars, so they can “really see and hear their customers.”

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