Spreadsheets are a great utility in the business world, a virtual swiss army knife for what they can do with data, turning it into information. While presentations aren’t able to manipulate data in the way a spreadsheet can, they do take information & make it more visually appealing & more easily understood by human beings. In this video, Google engineer Wesley Chun shows you how to import spreadsheet data into presentations by using both the Google Sheets and Slides APIs. With these APIs, you can develop powerful apps that can automate this process between both types of apps so users no longer have to do this by hand.

Google Sheets API codelab: http://g.co/codelabs/sheets
Explore in Docs, Sheets, and Slides release announcement (Sep 2016): http://goo.gl/GmDAPp
Google APIs Client Libraries: http://goo.gl/3vknAI
Google APIs Python client library: http://goo.gl/SJ3zGJ
Google Developers Console: http://console.developers.google.com
“Transferring data from a SQL database to a Sheet” DevByte video: http://goo.gl/N1RPwC
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Table operations in presentations: http://goo.gl/mD7oaN
Adding charts to presentations: http://goo.gl/9T3Dao
Overview of the Google Slides API: http://goo.gl/gIqivd
Common operations & API samples: http://goo.gl/JFGs3Z
Slides API reference documentation: http://goo.gl/8QXk7N
Slides API quickstarts in Python & other languages: http://goo.gl/hoRi0Q
Slides API developers launch announcement (Nov 2016): http://goo.gl/o6EFwk
Slides API launch announcement (Nov 2016): http://goo.gl/UA2pRJ
“Setting up new Google API projects” DevByte video: http://goo.gl/RbyTFD
“Common Python code walkthrough” DevByte video: http://goo.gl/KMfbeK

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