Google made an announcement last week about a variety of new AI offerings, and one of the most notable ones was the alpha release of the new Contact Center AI.

Contact Center AI, which is based on the Dialogflow development suite for conversational agents, which was launched last fall, offers a voice bot Virtual Agent who answers a call, a handoff to a human agent if the conversation gets too complex, an Agent Assist system which helps inform the human agent of that earlier conversation and prior history, and other support.

Contact center provider, Genesys, is now moving the first full integration of the new Google solution into an early adoption phase with selected clients. The General availability of this partnership is planned for early 2019.

Via this integration, Genesys is employing the Google voice bots, which talk and understand basic English. VP of AI Product Management Paul Lasserre told me that these bots aren’t Duplex, the human-sounding bot from the Google Assistant project that recently demonstrated it could imitate a human in making an appointment at a hair salon.

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