google-logo-874x288When it comes to Google and search results, all some people want is their snippets back.  Axel Springer, Germany’s largest publisher and owner of Europe’s largest newspaper, wants his snippets back.  According to Reuters, the German publisher has come out saying that ever sense they opted out of snippets in Google, their four largest onlinen properties form Google search results “had fallen by 40 percent” and referrals from Google News had dropped “by 80 percent in the past two weeks.”

It was reported previously that a consortium of German publishers, which includes Axel Springer, chose to opt back in to snippets due to a significant traffic decline.  There are some members that have potentially gone bankrupt after opting out of snippets.  Due to the fact that the publishers chose to opt back in to the snippets is not a truce with Google, but a temporary cease fire, causing them to acknowledge its dependence on Google traffic.

With all the issues going on between Germany and even Europe and Google, it’s no surprise that Germany isn’t all that happy with either situation concerning the search engine company.

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