google-g-logo-2015-1920-800x450If you’re a company with the size and influence of Google, you’ll probably grow to expect that you’re probably going to get sued for one reason or another – a lot.  Recently, another group has come to make a little money off of Google.  A group of German publishers has filed a civil complaint against Google.  This group, VG Media, is filing the complaint against Google by claiming that they are enforcing Germany’s “Ancillary Copyright” Law, which was passed in 2013.  This bit of news is yet the latest in an ongoing dispute between German news publishers and Google.

The reason behind the this issue is to get Google to pay publishers for showing their content in search results.  Is the complaint addressing search broadly, or just Google News?  Right now, it’s not clear which one the complaint is referring to.

This would mark the fifth civil or administrative claim filed by VG Media against Google in Germany.  Out of all these claims, three of them have been resolved in Google’s favor, and the other two, which includes this case, are still pending.

It’s not clear what damages the publishers are seeking in this newest civil complaint, but if history serves as an example, they could be trying to capture  an 11-percent share of Google’s gross revenues that, according to the publishers, comes “directly and indirectly from making excerpts from online newspapers and magazines public.”

SourceGreg Sterling