Facebook.HashtagWhen Facebook first announced their Live feature about a year ago, it had only been available to celebrities and big brands.  At that point, I was excited for this feature, as I thought about how nice it would be to do live feeds straight from Facebook.  When they finally rolled out to all accounts, I thought that was even better.  But it did take them a while to finally bring the Live feature to pages, which is something I really was excited for.  Since the roll out to all accounts, several new features had been added to Live.

So the question is, is your brand or business utilizing Facebook Live?  If so, are you really getting the most out of it?  Even if you’re using it to get your message out there, and making for some fun interactions with your followers, are you sure you’re doing what you can to get the maximum effectiveness out of the Facebook feature?

In an article on Search Engine Journal, written by Danielle Antosz, she wants to help us out in getting more engagement on Facebook Live.  If you’re interested in this, here’s the link to the site, just follow it and read on!

Search Engine Journal: How To Get More Engagement On Facebook Live