wwwIn your business, do you have multiple store locations, but only one website domain?  If so, you obviously want to be able to reach as many customers as you can with each of your stores appropriately with your website.  But since you only have a single domain to work with, but multiple store locations, how do you accomplish this?

Several  years back, Matt Cutts has said to the SEO community, “Make a web page for each store location.”  Sounds easy right?  Although on the surface, it sounds logical and easy to do, that statement can leave a lot of tactical questions on the table about how to do this task.

In a Moz post written by Brian Gomez, strategies and tactics are shared that can allow people to help multiple clients achieve high rankings in different cities, although they are only using a single domain.

To read the full article, you can follow the link below to learn some of these tactics: