TVWe know the value of putting money into online marketing ads.  If done right, the money spent in this way can ring up quite a lot of exposure to your site or business.  But, has anybody thought of using television as a viable medium for getting known online?  I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind, but everyone knows that putting out an ad for TV can be pretty expensive.  But at the same time, the exposure for you and your business can be incredible.

Luckily, we found somebody who has been on TV, and now he’s written up a post on Moz that tells us everything that we need to know on how he got on television.  Who’s this that I speak of?  Who got on TV?  To get to the point, it is !  Last month, he managed to find his way onto Fox Business News.

But how did he do this?  What’s Larry’s secret for getting on television?  Well, Larry’s post will help with us know!  What’s his secret?  What did he do?  In order to find out, we just simply have to hop over to Larry’s post on Moz to find out!

Just follow this link to find out what Larry did to get on TV!
How To Get On National TV