The world of search is on the verge of massive change. The rise of Voice Search, the Internet of Things, and Digital Personal Assistants are all coming together to change how we search. Imagine a world without search boxes, without browsers, and where you get one answer via voice to your search query.

How will you prepare for all this change? You can start by joining our expert panel of Futurists as they show you how to position yourself now to survive and thrive in this brave new world.


* Eric Enge, CEO and Founder, Stone Temple Consulting
* Duane Forrester, VP Industry Insights, Yext
* Brent Csutoras, Founder and CEO, Pixel Road Designs


* What’s happening in voice search?
* The emergence of digital personal assistants
* What has held back acceptance of personal assistants so far?
* How quickly will this change unfold?
* How can you prepare to survive and thrive?