Google Author 2If you are a content creator,  you know the importance of creating great content on a regular basis.  By being a content creator, you probably know about authorship, if you aren’t already one.  By having author markup on your site, it will help your site greatly.  Having an author picture snippet builds trust among users when they see an author they already know and respect.  Plus, author markup can help get some sites get other special results, like the in-depth article result.

Google has really been pushing to get blog owners and writers to getting authorship markup implemented on their sites.  But, just because it’s being pushed on us doesn’t mean it is easy to get it working properly.   knows all about that.

Ruth has been with Moz for a while, and has been trying to help get authorship to work correctly on for almost two years.  With it finally working (mostly as she puts it), Ruth wanted to share the experience the folks over at Moz have been dealing with trying to figure out authorship.

Want the full experience?  Check it out below by following the link!

Article: Getting Authorship to Work: A Case Study