Its crazy what time does to anything  AdWords ads look different compared to years ago, last year, and even this summer.

Recently, Google updated the way we serve sitelinks, callouts and structured snippets in your adds.  Sitelinks are now a swipeable carousel, callouts and structured snippets are appearing in the same area of the ad as your description text.

To understand the change, it’s important to understand the purpose of sitelinks.  Sitelinks exist in order to get people where the want to go as soon as possible.  A click on one usually tends to be a better user experience, so it’s important to get people to click on sitelinks as often as possible

What does this mean for you?  it could mean more clicks on your sitelinks.  This could, in theory, mean more conversions for you.  Sitelinks are a way to prequalify a visitor to your site.

How should you adapt your sitelinks to this new reality?  Matt Lawson runs down how you can take full advantage of that refreshed look.

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