Recently, Josh Aberant examined the challenges of B2B developer marketing, and one of the areas that he touched on was the importance of understanding stakeholders’ sometimes divergent “hot buttons.”  That went hand-in-hand with a second lesson – you aren’t addressing just a single target, but an entire lineup of influencers and decision-makers who ahve a say in the sale.

This is because when you do any sort of kind of B2B technology marketing, it’s necessary to embrace the hard truth that one size will never fit all when it comes to needs, value propositions and messaging.

Just because one person holds the value of a product high, does not mean the next person will, even when they’re working within the same four walls, even on the same project.  It’s not a good idea to assume that your targets will be interpreting the message that reaches them in the same way.  This is especially true when trying to capitalize on marketplace trends.

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