link removalSo you’ve had a site up for several years now.  But then Penguin had to come along and just ruin the ride by cutting your efforts to getting links for your site down to size.  No more unsavory links, no more buying links.  Suddenly, you actually had to work to get them.  Thanks to Google, right?

So, now we are at the post-Penguin point on your site, and now you have to find a way to remove all the bad links to your site, so Google wouldn’t have a problem with it.  In some ways, it seemed easy, because there were people out there who would have some pretty bad links.  We’re talking links form porn sites, gambling sites, hokey pill sites and the like.

Now, keep in mind, there are folks who feel that regardless of where all the bad links are, there are both good and bad ways to remove them.   is one of them.  He’s even written a Moz blog post about the subject, entitled “Getting Link Removals Wrong.”

In his post, he discusses why we should remove bad links, the fiasco that is guest posting, removal automation, and the problem with your site being disavowed for not removing certain links.  To check out John’s full post, follow the link below.

Moz Post: Getting Link Removals Wrong