020209065052video_adsThere is a number of ways to advertise online.  More and more advertisers are taking the opportunity of using video advertising in their marketing campaigns.  The IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report for 2013 shows that video ads have been increasing in popularity to become the fourth largest ad format after search, display/banner and mobile.  Unfortunately for search and display ads, they aren’t doing so well as they’re losing traction.

But what makes a good video ad?  You can’t just throw together a video in an attempt to get somebody to care enough to visit your website and buy something.  You’ve got to really think about how a good video ad is made so it can have the optimal impact on those who view it.

In an article written by Mona Elesseily, the anatomy of a good video and video campaign set up is covered, as well as some effective ways of optimizing your video campaigns. Mona even talks about the anatomy of what makes a good video.

To check out what she has to say and discover the tips of creating a great video ad, follow the link below and you’ll be that much closer to creating the perfect video ad.

Marketing Land: Getting Online Video Ads Right!