customer-reviewReviews are a part of any local business.  Ever since we first had businesses, people have had opinions about them, and we all know that those opinions have reached other potential customers, effectively drawing them in to your business, or effectively keeping them away.  Reviews can either be a great thing, or the worst thing ever for your company.

As much as business owners need reviews to help bring in customers, there is always a right and wrong way to go about getting them.  I’m sure we’ve all seen reviews for companies and businesses that seem to give them far too much credit for being great and delivering the best service ever.  These types of reviews are one of two types.  Either they are truly honest, or they were paid reviews.  Regardless of which type these reviews are, they are usually quite suspicious.  Even if reviews such as these would help drive business, these glowing reviews may not even count.

So how can you get reviews the right way, without having to pay for, or other wise give an incentive for them?   has an post on Moz that discusses this in detail, and tells us what we can do to increase reviews, without paying for them, and everybody is happy.

The following link, which takes you to Kate’s Moz post, will help give you the information you need to get the ball rolling to get more of the reviews you want.

Moz Blog: Getting Reviews the Right Way for Local Businesses