Getting Rid of Bad Linkbait: How Linkable Assets Deliver 10x More Value

Types of linkbaits As anybody would tell you, people who create content for websites wants obviously wants to get links so people will come back to their site and check out their site.  How do people get people to come to their site?  They use linkbait.  But what is linkbait some of you may ask?

Linkbait is usually some sort of website feature (typically content) whose job it is to attract people to their site for SEO purposes.  Unfortunately, there is a problem.  Bad linkbait exists along side any normal or excellent linkbait.  In this situation you;ll find bad linkbait to be content that will attract people to visit your site, but ultimately won’t add anything of value.

But, there is hope at the end of the tunnel.  With the bad, comes the good.  There might be bad linkbait, but you’ll also find linkable assets.  Basically, linkable assets is everything that bad linkbait isn’t.  Linkable assets is some sort of feature or content that actually has some sort of positive engagement with the site visitor.

Cyrus Shepard has a post up on Moz that explains, in more detail, the situation concerning the good and bad uses of linkbait.  What is the SEO problem with bad linkbait?  Can linkable assets really give more value and drive more people to your site?

Link baiting

You read all about this and more in Cyrus’ article on Moz by following the link below: