emailIt won’t be surprising that, if you’re a typical marketer, you send out emails to those people who are in your email list on a regular basis.  If you’re this type of marketer, then you probably scheduling batch and blast email to your list, either everyday, week, or month.  You’re probably even crunching the open and click numbers for each mail, and then move to the next.

If this is what you do, you’re on the right track with your email marketing program.  But if you want to go even farther, there is a simple testing plan that can really help your email marketing program take off.

In order to make the most of this test, it’s best to apply a small test to each email to help maximize the results of your marketing efforts.  Columnist  has posted a piece on how to get started with email testing on Marketing Land, and describes a few easy tests to get you started on a plan to keep you on point.

Check out Eric’s post by following the link below to get started on you email testing tips!

Marketing Land:  Getting Started With Email Testing