Global Issues Shift Global SEO & SEM Budgets Even Faster To Asia

Global events can affect all of us. It’s interesting to look at these effects even your own backyards. The turbulent times we are facing have even impacted online marketing budgets.

In over 100 regions around the world, hundreds of clients with online allocation have been analyzed, and it seems that budget allocation reflects the stories that we see on television. Who’s the big winner after the dust has settled? Asia.

Take a look at the chart below. On the chart, the data shows a shift in budget allocations among regions between Q1 and Q2 in 2013.  Looking at these figures, US and UK businesses have been investing in the global SEO or SEM initiatives. In the analysis, approximately a hundred regions had significant spending in the quarters. Nigeria is a notable exclusion. Nigeria has seen a drop from a low level in the UK due to the actions of the UK government.

Budget allocations q1 v q2 600x450

These figures represented on the chart show shifts in the share of the budget allocated to take your regions. It does not represent the budget volume itself. Budget allocations can give a much clearer picture of trends in volume growth when working internationally.  This is due to currencies, hedging in the growth rate of the online industry itself, which can distort the picture. This makes everywhere appear as if they are all growing to some degree.  By showing budget allocation figures, you can get a clear picture of the respective importance of different markets.

Additional Budgeting Data and Considerations

There are some economic conditions found in parts of Latin America that have seen a significant redirection of budget towards the east. Brazil, for instance, is continuing to see huge interest and a budget commitment. As online marketing budgets increase, more caution toward the LATAM Is becoming apparent.

As a typical kick off point for LATAM activities, Mexico saw a significant loss activity in Q2 due to a large spanish-speaking population, although data going back through 2012 shows that Mexico had claimed significant slices a budget through the year. This was more of a correction in 2013.

When looking at recent economic data for Western Europe, it is suggested that the older economies of the West are beginning to move forward once again at a snails pace. This data only became appeared in early Q3, and Q2 you too we still see continuing caution to the budget year of these economics. In this case new money it normally would go towards Germany is now going east. It’s worth noting that Greece, Spain and Portugal, which previously had a significant drop, have seen some signs of recovery, especially Portugal.

Due to all of the issues that are still happening in the Middle East, and being of investment in that region has occurred. A look at more detail figures makes it a parent that Israel is an influx of investment period this is probably due to the fact that represents the nearest thing to a safe haven in the region.

Not only is there the large removing the funds towards Asian general, more funds are being moved towards the former CIS nations like Georgia, Tajikistan Moldova and Kyrgyzstan. This particular pattern might be described by some as marketers working to penetrate markets where is gross period this could be to help compensate for the lack luster performance in the West.

Search Marketers Dig Deeper in Troubled Times

It appears that during troubled political and economic times, online marketers relying on the speed and flexibility offered by digital marketing. Because of digital marketing, marketers are able to expand their global reach and enter new markets as a means of compensating for other markets that show signs of financial loss. One market that is benefiting greatly right now is search marketing. Search marketing offers a way to test the waters in new regions where the cost can be relatively low.