The Global SEO & Content Marketing Landscape

Global seo When getting online to do your daily internet activities, what is one of the biggest sites that people tend to congregate to to get what they want online?  You’ve probably already guessed it, but it’s definitely a search engine.  No other type of site can connect a person to the rest of the web, and to each other, like a search engine can.  Because search engines are so important to keeping things together online, global SEO and content marketing are more important than ever.

 discusses in his article, “The Global SEO and Content Marketing Landscape”, the fight that it took for the current search engines of the world to get where they are, and how marketers who engage in global SEO and digital marketing need to quickly snatch up the opportunity to operate on a global scale that’s growing day by day.  Because of this growth, and the new connections we make everyday across the globe, the world is becoming a smaller and smaller place to do business.

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